Wooden House

You step outside your wooden house

Into a world that is so unsure

Hoping to fill the void

Left within your broken heart


Out beneath the stars

Little voices of the night

Whisper in the wind

Calling for you to come and play


The moonlight dances on the lake

Making you feel wide awake

Shadows lead you to a path

Covered in the moonlit glow


Cautiously you make your way

To a land that’s so far away

Leaving all your fears behind

Marching to a beat divine


Flowers grow upon the path

Voices calling out your name

Trees begin their sacred dance

Swaying in the breezy night


Life appears before your eyes

Making you feel hypnotized

Slowly you leave your trance

And wake up in your wooden house.


Wild Northern Land

The sun breaks through the clouds of dawn

Whispers of the winter wind

Fall across the barren land

Dreams of green

Bring a pleasant smile

To the face of the Northern Wild


Joy so great it can’t be lost

Like Jesus dying on His holy cross

Slowly life comes again

To the face of the Northern Wild

Bringing flowers of many colors

And a feeling of outstanding wonder