Take a minute

Take a breath

Look at your life

Are you satisfied?


Do you love

What you do?

Or do you do

What you must?


Is your life

Like a dream?

Full of happy

Beautiful things?


Do you feel

Like you’re worth

The time you have

Upon this earth?


Do you fill

The world with joy

Through your smile

And happy hugs?


Or do you feel

The opposite

And wish to change

The life you live?


Do you hate

Those who hurt you

In the past

Or by mistake?


Is your life

A nightmare

With sleepless nights

Full of tears?


Do you feel

The emptiness

Of apathy

And loneliness?


Do you fill

The world with pain

Through your refusal

To change your ways?


Is this what

Your life looks like?

Either way

It is your choice.


Now breathe out

And make your choice

A happy world

Or sad demise?


Fairy Tale

When will I find it

A love so powerful

It will last beyond my life?

Will I deserve it

A person who wants me

Just for being me?

Will I except it

Allow someone to heal

All the broken parts of me?

Does it really exist?

Outside the movies

And books about “true love”

Or is it just that

A fairy tale

Told to help you

Sleep at night?

Truly Living

She wanted to be the one

The one you called

The one you trusted

The one who saved you

But she’s human

She failed you once

You won’t let her

Do it to you again

After the life you’ve lived

After the pain you’ve felt

You won’t trust again

You won’t let yourself be okay

Because being okay

Means letting go

Of all the memories

From long, long ago

The memories that keep you

From going insane

Because they remind you

Of truly living




The feeling of not feeling

An emptiness in your chest


The loneliness of your mind

The broken pieces of your heart


It’s all consuming

This lack of feeling


Your empty head

Overwhelms you


Your shattered heart

Drowns you


You wish for pain

To take the emptiness away


You long to bleed

To prove you’re alive


You wish for hope

You wish for love


You wish for more

But you find nothing

Average Life

Pissed off teacher

Pay attention


Learn a lesson

Don’t ask questions


In one ear

Nothing sticks


Out the other

Listen kids


Pass the test

Forget the rest


Make an A

Or cry all day


Lose your mind

To get good grades


Go to college

Take some classes


Pick a degree

You don’t want


Look for a job

To get a paycheck


Forget about

Any dream of happiness


Live a miserable life

Until you die


But hey

At least you’ve got


An average life