What / Where / Who

What do you do

When you have no blood left to bleed?

Where do you go

When your home is unwelcoming?

What is your life

When you give up on living?

Where is your safety

When your mind is giving up?

Who do you love

When the world breaks your heart?


Truly Living

She wanted to be the one

The one you called

The one you trusted

The one who saved you

But she’s human

She failed you once

You won’t let her

Do it to you again

After the life you’ve lived

After the pain you’ve felt

You won’t trust again

You won’t let yourself be okay

Because being okay

Means letting go

Of all the memories

From long, long ago

The memories that keep you

From going insane

Because they remind you

Of truly living

Just Because

Just because you’re breathing

Doesn’t mean you’re living


Just because you’re smiling

Doesn’t mean you’re happy


Just because you’re laughing

Doesn’t mean you belong


So much is left hidden

In plain sight


Broken people hide their pain

So that it doesn’t hurt someone else


They hide so much inside their minds

That it hurts too much to live sometimes