You live

You fight

You cry

You hope

You fly

You wish

You try

You love

You break

You die.

But in the end

Does it even matter?


Wooden House

You step outside your wooden house

Into a world that is so unsure

Hoping to fill the void

Left within your broken heart


Out beneath the stars

Little voices of the night

Whisper in the wind

Calling for you to come and play


The moonlight dances on the lake

Making you feel wide awake

Shadows lead you to a path

Covered in the moonlit glow


Cautiously you make your way

To a land that’s so far away

Leaving all your fears behind

Marching to a beat divine


Flowers grow upon the path

Voices calling out your name

Trees begin their sacred dance

Swaying in the breezy night


Life appears before your eyes

Making you feel hypnotized

Slowly you leave your trance

And wake up in your wooden house.



What does it mean

To you?


Friendship to me

Is more than a word

More than a mere thought

Or a simple feeling


Friendship is

The one who answers

All your calls

The one who knows

All your flaws


Friendship is

The one you always

Wish to see

The person who makes you

Truly happy


Friendship is

The one who takes

Your dark clouds

And turns them into

Bright, sunny days

Or brings an umbrella

And chooses to stay


Friendship is

The one who never

Leaves you alone

In your apathy

Or tries to change

Who you are

At your core


Friendship is

A lot of things

But in the end

At least to me

It boils down

To one simple thing


Friendship to me

Is you




The feeling of not feeling

An emptiness in your chest


The loneliness of your mind

The broken pieces of your heart


It’s all consuming

This lack of feeling


Your empty head

Overwhelms you


Your shattered heart

Drowns you


You wish for pain

To take the emptiness away


You long to bleed

To prove you’re alive


You wish for hope

You wish for love


You wish for more

But you find nothing