Just Because

Just because you’re breathing

Doesn’t mean you’re living


Just because you’re smiling

Doesn’t mean you’re happy


Just because you’re laughing

Doesn’t mean you belong


So much is left hidden

In plain sight


Broken people hide their pain

So that it doesn’t hurt someone else


They hide so much inside their minds

That it hurts too much to live sometimes



She was a beauty queen

Who had everything

A perfect life

A brand new car

The man who every girl

Longed for within her heart


Her smile was bright

With the light of her pain

Her body was covered

With small red cuts

A sign of her shame


Her mind was hungry

For something more

Her heart was longing

For someone to love


She never felt

Like she belonged

She wanted a life

That was long gone


Her hope she swore

Would never fade

But every day

She felt less okay


No one saw

The pain inside

They only saw

What she didn’t hide