Look in the mirror

Don’t like what you see

Decide to change

Become like everybody

Learn how to use

Makeup to change

What people see

Slowly becoming

More mainsteam

Day by day

Stop eating food

Need to be a size 2

Get your weight down

Your head in the clouds

Start drinking beer

Want to fit in

Can’t stop it now

Because you’re addicted

Learn how to fuck

Does it feel good?

Don’t really care

As long as someone’s there

Now you’re all broken

But at least you fit in

The world is your playground

But you no longer care



Take a minute

Take a breath

Look at your life

Are you satisfied?


Do you love

What you do?

Or do you do

What you must?


Is your life

Like a dream?

Full of happy

Beautiful things?


Do you feel

Like you’re worth

The time you have

Upon this earth?


Do you fill

The world with joy

Through your smile

And happy hugs?


Or do you feel

The opposite

And wish to change

The life you live?


Do you hate

Those who hurt you

In the past

Or by mistake?


Is your life

A nightmare

With sleepless nights

Full of tears?


Do you feel

The emptiness

Of apathy

And loneliness?


Do you fill

The world with pain

Through your refusal

To change your ways?


Is this what

Your life looks like?

Either way

It is your choice.


Now breathe out

And make your choice

A happy world

Or sad demise?

What If?

What if I told you

That tomorrow was the end?

Would you call your family

Or curl up in your bed?

Would you look back on your life

And wish you had done more?

Or would you see a list of things

You wish you could undo?

Was your life worth living?

Did the hurt out weigh the joy?

Did you wake up smiling?

Or hiding behind a frown?

Did you let pure happiness

Take root and grow within you?

Or did depression own your heart

And fill your life with woe?

Think about your future

Do you want to change it?

If you wake tomorrow?

Will you begin again?