Sleep is where dreams takes root

And wish to become more.


And dreams are just mere figments

Of over-active minds.


Hopes are only wistful dreams

That somehow learned to fly.


Wishes are deep-set hopes

That have been put into words.


And futures are strong wishes

That settled on the ground.



Someone take the pain away

It’s ending my life

I see something bright ahead

The light of the end


Your face

Drowned in tears

Wishing I was still here

Before we learned the truth


Life doesn’t mean happiness

Dreams don’t come true

Love doesn’t mean forgiveness


Which is why

You watch me die

You left me that night

Cold and alone


You said goodbye

And walked out the door

My eyes drowned in tears

You didn’t care


I gave you my heart

And you left it there

So now I’m gone


Never to hear

About you