She sat alone

The lake rippled

As winds blew

Sending shivers

Down her back


Her mind refused

To sit still

As tormented thoughts

Threatened to consume

Her last hiding place


Her heart was breaking

Bandages not holding

She can’t find

Anything worth

Fighting for anymore


Her body so numb

That pain was all

She felt now

The silver blade

Her constant friend


The edge came closer

Day by day

As sadness killed

Her last ray

Of life-giving faith


She withdrew

From all she knew

And refused to admit

She was not okay


Web of Lies

Winds are blowing

Waves are breaking

All this time

I have been faking


Soul is fading

Smile is shaking

And my heart

Is slowly cracking


Life is worthless

Friends are gone

Nobody left to care

About my pain


The sun is rising

The moon is shining

My life has been

A web of lies