Wooden House

You step outside your wooden house

Into a world that is so unsure

Hoping to fill the void

Left within your broken heart


Out beneath the stars

Little voices of the night

Whisper in the wind

Calling for you to come and play


The moonlight dances on the lake

Making you feel wide awake

Shadows lead you to a path

Covered in the moonlit glow


Cautiously you make your way

To a land that’s so far away

Leaving all your fears behind

Marching to a beat divine


Flowers grow upon the path

Voices calling out your name

Trees begin their sacred dance

Swaying in the breezy night


Life appears before your eyes

Making you feel hypnotized

Slowly you leave your trance

And wake up in your wooden house.



Your armor is cracking

Your mask no longer hiding

The pain and betrayal

Hidden under the surface

When people are human

And fail you greatly

When home is unlikely

And trust constantly breaking

When life is too hard

And trying just hurts

Remember your worth

Which is more than this earth

Have You Ever?

Have you ever thought

Just maybe

There’s a life for you



Have you ever wondered

Why we feel

When it could be

So much easier?


Have you ever dreamed

About a different place

With warmth and light

Shining on your face?


Have you ever slept

So peacefully

Safe withing the night

Like day could never be?


Have you ever believed

Your life is not worth living?

Do you ever think

About whats beyond the dawn?


Have you ever seen

The early morning sunshine

When the clouds and fog are gone

And the day is just beginning?


Have you ever felt

The winds blow on the plains

Or glimpsed the water flow down the mountainside

Into a moonlit glade?


Have you ever been breathless

At the sight of something

Truly beautiful?