In time the scars

Will fade

And you will realize

Tomorrow is

A brand new day

The darkness in your life

Will drift away

You’ll be glad

You chose to stay


Into the Unknown

Gasping breaths

Filled the room

A body became

Alive once more


The body was laying

In a porcelain tub

Red water turned cold

With the time that had gone


A pale arm dripped

Onto the floor

The steady stream

That scared her no more


She wanted to be free

Of the monster that screamed

Within the blood

That filled her with life


The arm trembled slowly

As feeling returned

Bright eyes blinked closely

And tears broke forth


Disbelief filled her

At her failed plan

A life not wanted

An attempt for an end


Her heart beat faster

As the door started shaking

The banging of hands

The voices now shaking


Her body rose slowly

Tired and cold

She opened the door

Into the unknown