Into the Unknown

Gasping breaths

Filled the room

A body became

Alive once more


The body was laying

In a porcelain tub

Red water turned cold

With the time that had gone


A pale arm dripped

Onto the floor

The steady stream

That scared her no more


She wanted to be free

Of the monster that screamed

Within the blood

That filled her with life


The arm trembled slowly

As feeling returned

Bright eyes blinked closely

And tears broke forth


Disbelief filled her

At her failed plan

A life not wanted

An attempt for an end


Her heart beat faster

As the door started shaking

The banging of hands

The voices now shaking


Her body rose slowly

Tired and cold

She opened the door

Into the unknown


Finally Free

You told me dreams never come true

That wishes are only bad for you

You told me I’d never achieve anything

But I proved you wrong

Look at me now


I’m finally free

Free enough to breathe

Time to spread my wings

And soar up to the sky

Chasing the clouds

Taking my time

Flying without fear

For the first time

I’m finally free


You were always told that people are just fakes

Trying to find a way to get inside your heart

Only to break it apart

But you proved them wrong

Look at you now


You’re finally free

Free enough to breathe

Time to spread your wings

And soar up to the sky

Chasing the clouds

Taking your time

Flying without fear

For the first time

You’re finally free

Average Life

Pissed off teacher

Pay attention


Learn a lesson

Don’t ask questions


In one ear

Nothing sticks


Out the other

Listen kids


Pass the test

Forget the rest


Make an A

Or cry all day


Lose your mind

To get good grades


Go to college

Take some classes


Pick a degree

You don’t want


Look for a job

To get a paycheck


Forget about

Any dream of happiness


Live a miserable life

Until you die


But hey

At least you’ve got


An average life


Walking through a narrow alley

Towards a blinding light

Skipping all the other exits

Trying to end my sacrifice


But you always caught me when I fell

You always got me off the ground

You brought me back to life again

You are my true friend


You held me when the pain was too much

You smile when I’m here and laugh a little too

You gave me love when I had none

You are my true friend


While happiness was just a dream

And love a fatal flaw

You brought me to the light again

You taught me to love


You get your hopes up

Time and time again

Only to watch them fall


You put a smile on your face

To hide the pain in your heart

But your armor is cracking


You dream sweet dreams

About a different life

But wake to find a world with no light


You think of ending it all

No one knows

So no one calls


They find you there holding your knife

A smile on your face

The end of your life


If they had seen what was going on

Do you think they would have tried

To save your life?


Heartbreak leads to fallout

Which leads to the ultimate end

The hurt of life brings you down again


Time shows your fate

If only they had loved you

Before you slipped away


She sat alone

The lake rippled

As winds blew

Sending shivers

Down her back


Her mind refused

To sit still

As tormented thoughts

Threatened to consume

Her last hiding place


Her heart was breaking

Bandages not holding

She can’t find

Anything worth

Fighting for anymore


Her body so numb

That pain was all

She felt now

The silver blade

Her constant friend


The edge came closer

Day by day

As sadness killed

Her last ray

Of life-giving faith


She withdrew

From all she knew

And refused to admit

She was not okay