She can’t remember happy days

Before real life got in the way

The memories of people lost

Have left a hole within her heart


Shadows gather on her face

The smile is tight around her eyes

The steady beat within her chest

Is growing weaker by the day


Her mind is far from lasting peace

Which she left so long ago

The time is wearing at her grace

Each day she’s left more worn


Perhaps some day she will look back

And long to fix her past mistakes

For now she’s drowning in her ways

Lost within a haze of pain


Her spirit pushes at her now

Begging for a chance to change

She does not listen to it though

Much too little, far too late


The blood is rushing from her wrist

The bottle of her happy place

Lies empty on the floor

The rope is ready, taunt and high


The end is here, a choice to make


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