She wanted to be more so she became more.

She wanted to be more than complete so she became completely alone.

She left her friends and stopped talking to her family. She left all those who claimed to love her, all those who claimed they cared. She wanted nothing to do with their lies. So she became alone.

She wanted to be more than beautiful so she became beautifully scarred.

They always told her she was beautiful but she never believed them. She created her own beauty. The white lines told of her inner strength, of her control over herself. She thought the lines were amazingly beautiful. So she became scarred.

She wanted to be more than passive so she became passively alive.

She was sick of the tales of a life worth living. They all felt fake to her. Life seemed very tiresome. She did not want to deal with people who felt a joy that did not exist. So she stopped listening to the world. She lived solely in her own imagination. So she became alive.

She wanted to be more than free so she became freely addicted.

She was tired of the pain. Tired of the people who hurt her, time and time again. So when they offered her something to stop the pain, something that would quiet her mind, she jumped at the chance. So she became addicted.

She wanted to be more than perfect so she became perfectly broken.

It was all to much. The scars, the cuts, the pain, the drugs. Her mind turned on her. She no longer knew who she was or who she had been. She became nothing but a shell, lost and alone. So she became broken.

She wanted to be more than pain so she became painfully aware.

Everything was pain. Waking, sleeping, talking, eating. Every single thing she did caused her pain. No longer was it the pain she caused herself, the pain she used to long for. No longer did it feel like control. She realized her control was controlling her. So she became aware.

She wanted to be more than wonderful so she became wonderfully afraid.

She watched those around, walking the same path she was. Jail, death, and destruction followed all of them. They saw it in each others eyes. They all knew they were headed down the same road. Their future was set in stone. So she became afraid.

She wanted to be more than whole so she became wholly dead.

It all ended to quickly. She counted the pills wrong. She didn’t mean to take that many. She never knew the friends she left behind or the future she refused to have. She choose to leave the world and she couldn’t regret her decision. So she became dead.


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